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Custom Sports Mouthguards at Nova Smiles Dental

Woman inserting custom mouthguardSome of the most common dental emergencies are best avoided by wearing a protective mouthguard during your athletic activities. Since sporting injuries frequently tend to involve the mouth and face, a custom guard can help to reduce the chance of:

  • Broken or knocked out teeth
  • Lip and tongue lacerations
  • Concussions

A sports guard provides a firm layer of protective acrylic between your jaws, teeth and lips, reducing the risk of soft or hard tissue trauma during an unexpected blow to the mouth.

Professional Mouthguards vs. Stock Splints

Wearing a mouthguard made by one of our dentists will provide a more secure and comfortable fit that doesn’t interfere with your recreational activities. If a hit or fall takes place, there’s a better chance of your professional mouthguard staying on your teeth than one that’s one-size-fits-all that’s been purchased at the drugstore.

Who Should Wear a Sports Guard?

Anyone that’s involved in recreational sports, whether it’s an individual or team activity can benefit from wearing a mouthguard. Adults and children alike are both susceptible to dental injuries, with most sporting emergencies seen in children. If there’s a risk of any type of physical injury, such as an elbow to the mouth, falling or balls being thrown, then it’s worthwhile to consider making the investment in one of the most important pieces of protective equipment you can own — a mouthguard. Our adult patients can wear their sports guard for years but a growing child may need a new one made each season as their mouth continues to develop.

Better Protection is Just a Phone Call Away

It’s quick and easy to have your sports guard made. Book an appointment at Nova Smiles Dental for an impression and we’ll have your new mouthguard made just in time for your next game. In fact, you can even elect to have one made to match your team’s colours! Contact us today to book your visit. Insurance and CDBS benefits accepted. CONTACT US

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