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Checkups at Nova Smiles Dental

Keeping Your Wallsend Smile Healthy

Patient consultation visitPreventative dentistry is the foundation for a healthy, beautiful smile. It’s also a vital strategy in limiting unnecessary treatments and managing dental phobia.

Our family practice provides comprehensive prevention-focused dentistry for all ages.

Checkups for the Entire Family

We recommend scheduling a check and clean at least every six months. During your exam, Dr Jenny Hong (Dentist) will evaluate the health of your teeth, integrity of existing dental work and discuss any concerns that you may have. Your exam may include:

  • Periodontal exam (gum disease screening)
  • Oral cancer screening
  • Orthodontic evaluation
  • Smile design options
  • Diagnostic X-rays to pinpoint areas of decay or disease
  • Screening for weak tooth enamel or leakage in existing restorations

Comprehensive Treatment Planning

If potential concerns are identified, Dr Jenny will create an individualised care plan that outlines our recommendations as tailored to your unique needs and goals. When possible, we will manage areas of gum disease or tooth decay in their earliest stages, before they can expand into other areas of the mouth or require aggressive therapies to treat.

Preventative Scale and Clean

During your checkup, a scale and clean will remove buildup that has accumulated between brushing and flossing, particularly in areas that are hard to reach (such as between teeth and just below the margin of your gums). We’ll also polish away superficial stains like those caused by coffee, tea or wine to give your smile a brighter glow before you head back home.

For areas that are challenging to clean, we’ll work with you to create an individualised home care plan and modified hygiene strategies to limit your risk of gum disease or decay.

How it Affects Your Health

Regular professional scale and cleans help to limit your risk of periodontal (gum) disease, a condition that’s directly linked to serious health problems like stroke, infertility, pneumonia and many others. Investing in a healthier smile is just one step towards a improved overall wellness.

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How can we help you make your smile as healthy as possible? The future of your systemic health could depend on it! Request your first appointment today.

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